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Sunday Service Collection

Money collected in the plate goes toward the operations of the church. If you would like your plate donation credited to your pledge, be sure to either write a check noting "pledge" or put cash in an envelope with your name on it. Envelopes for this purpose are available in the narthex. Ask a worship host if you would like one.

Special Purpose Collection

One collection each month is donated to a local charity or cause nominated by the congregation and assigned by the Social Justice Council. An announcement is made describing the recipient and its connection to UU and FUCSJ values, and people are reminded mark their checks or to use the envelopes in the narthex for cash if they wish to have their donation applied otherwise - to their pledge or to general fund of church, for example.

For we must share, if we would keep, that blessing from above;

Ceasing to give, we cease to have; such is the law of love

-Richard C. Trench