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There is no more joyous occasion than when two people declare their love to all the world. Minister and couples work together to craft a ceremony that best represents the aspirations of the two people who covenant to spend a lifetime together. A wedding is a wellspring to which a couple can come back and find refreshment and inspiration as they begin their life together.

Naming Ceremonies
When children are born the whole world changes. In the Naming Ceremony we honor this gift of life and formally give children their names, bless them with the elements of life, and dedicate ourselves to their care. Ceremonies can take place on Sunday mornings as part of a Sunday service acknowledging that we all have a responsibility for the care and development of future generations. Or ceremonies can be a more private affair with close family and friends coming together in a private home to celebrate the birth of a new child.

Youth Sunday
On the first Sunday in June we celebrate those youth in our church who have graduated from high school. Their parents offer them a blessing and a wish for their future. And then we hear from the youths themselves who speak briefly about their plans and how they will carry forth Unitarian Universalist values in their lives.

Our nature is social.
We cannot live alone.

We cannot shut up any great feeling in our hearts.

We seek for others to partake it with us.

The full soul finds at once relief and strength in sympathy.

This is especially true in religion, the most social of all our sentiments.

- William E. Channing