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The Church Newsletter

Newsletter archives are available to members and friends of the church.

The newsletter for the First Unitarian Church of San Jose, called "Our Church Circular," is distributed prior to the first week of every month. It is sent out to the church email list (the preferred method) or, if recipients want paper, they can request a paper copy.

The newsletter is coordinated, edited and produced by Catherine Leeson Pelizzari, Henry Ruddle, Mina Kelly, and Sherry Howd. The deadline for each issue is the Wednesday before the publication date - usually the third week of the previous month. A few days before the deadline, the editors send out a reminder to principal contributors that it's time to send in the regular features; however, anyone can submit a church-related item to the newsletter, subject to review and editing.

The editors welcome help! If you have experience in, or would like to learn about, proofreading, editing, or graphic design (Adobe InDesign), or if you can help withthe recycling program helps pay for professional printing of the newsletter (pick up the recyclables at church periodically and take them to the recycling center) please email circular.editors@gmail.com.

I am a single cell in a body of four billion cells. The
body is human kind. I am a single cell. My needs are
individual but they are not unique. I am interlocked
with other human beings in the consequences of our
actions, thoughts, and feelings.

- Norman Cousins