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Service Auction: November 11th 

How does the Auction work? There is a Silent Auction and a Live Auction.

The Silent Auction will take place first, right after Worship in Hattie Porter Hall on November 11th. There will be lovely light food to enjoy as you peruse the Silent Auction items and place your bids. Silent Auction bid sheets will be collected on a phased basis as people move into the Sanctuary for the Live Auction.

SILENT AUCTION CATALOG: http://opencalaccess.org:55555/cgi-bin/WebObjects/uuServiceAuction.woa/wa/catalog (DONORS: see note below)

The Live Auction is targeted to begin at 1 p.m. Our lively Auctioneer, Jim Rumbaugh will once again preside! You will need a Bidder Number to bid on anything. Bidder Numbers will be available before and after Worship. To obtain a Bidder number, you will be asked for your Name, Email address and a phone number. There’s no obligation to bid on anything.

If you would like to bid on items in the catalog, but can't attend the auction, use the Absentee Bid Sheet to have your bids recorded in your absence.

Your Bidder number is on a Bidder Paddle that you can use to fan yourself during Worship, reference when you bid on Silent Auction Items and raise up heartily and often during the Live Auction!

You will be asked to return the Bidder Paddle upon exit so we can reuse them next time. How do I find out if I was the “winner” of anything I bid on during the silent auction? The team will work in earnest during the Live Auction to tally up each person’s list of “winnings” and when you exchange your Bidder Paddle upon check out, you will be provided that list.

You can pay for your items by check or cash and we are hopeful to also have the ability to accept credit cards as payment as well. I donated items or services to the auction. How do I find out who is to receive them?

An email will be sent to you within a week with the names and contact information of those who are to receive your donations. And by the way, thank you for donating!

Dear Auction Donors, we've tried our darndest to include all offerings in the online catalog. We have pictures still to add, but if we've missed something, please let me know, jantguffey@gmail.com.

For more information on this and other events, see the Current Newsletter!